About WMD

WMD is a PVP gaming guild that has its roots in 14+ years of online gaming. Formed from a coalition of guilds on the Dread server in the game Shadowbane circa 2001.

Our primary directive focuses on team play, precision in guild wide operations, a military feel in combat operations, and dominating in each arena engaged in. Discipline and working towards a unified goal has always been a hallmark of WMD game-play and unit cohesion.

We have several simple values that we hold as sacred.

Each long standing member of WMD has proven his or her willingness to sacrifice personal agendas to make the team a bad ass unstoppable force.

The Core Values:

1. Team over self. We all uphold the ideal that by sacrificing our own agendas to the greater good of the team, the team becomes unstoppable.

2. Loyalty. We understand that loyalty means team first. Honor among ourselves and our team is of the highest priority.

3. Combat Discipline. When in combat operations, we use strict discipline in communications channels, tactics, and execution.